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Is the World Ready for "A Foreign Affair"?

After a seven year journey, I've FINALLY completed the manuscript for my Iraq War memoir A Foreign Affair . It's a book I primarily wrote for myself and for my daughter. Something to leave behind and pass down through the generations. My personal story of war, injustice, and an epic romance. Although my story is pretty unique, the question constantly at the back of my mind while writing it was, "Will anyone aside from my family and close friends find it interesting?" I guess this is a lingering question in every author's mind - especially when it comes to their debut work. Another question that swirled around in my mind throughout this seven-year process was, "Do I really want to share the intimate details of this book - basically two years of my diary - with complete strangers?" Living this story was nothing short of an emotional hell on earth - even writing about these events years later was still emotionally tumultuous for me. There were num