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Something Brewing in the Pot Soon

It has been six months since I completed my debut book A Foreign Affair – my memoir documenting my time serving in Iraq and falling in love with my native Iraqi husband – and I am itching to get back to writing. I probably shouldn’t put the cart before the horse here and jump into writing another book before I even have the first one published, but I try not to let too much grass grow under my feet. (I know – how many idioms can you squeeze into one sentence?) I have decided to focus on my husband for my next project (no that wasn’t a euphemism for something naughty) and will be working on HIS memoir. He has a treasure chest of interesting experiences and stories from the six years he spent working, at first, as a local translator for the "invading" American Army, and later as a U.S. Permanent Resident and D.O.D. contractor deployed alongside American forces in various locations throughout Iraq. It is, again, a unique perspective not heavily documented or presented to t

"Olympus Has Fallen" Movie Review

  I’m going to change gears a little here and attempt my hand at a movie review. The husband and I broke down and went to the movies last weekend for a long overdue “date night”. Considering we had our cable cut off a couple of months ago and have been subsisting on NetFlix reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Walking Dead” for the past several weeks we were kind of beginning to feel like our Amish neighbors culture wise – bad analogy I know. Anyway, having dumped $15 on tickets and another $10 on, literally, a bucket of Pepsi (no lie -Fadi needed two hands to hold the cup) and a brown shopping bag of popcorn (a considerable splurge for our very thrifty ways), I just desperately hoped the movie we chose wouldn’t be a snore fest. Fadi had heard about a new movie starring his “300” hero Gerard Butler and suggested we see that one – “Olympus Has Fallen”. Sure, whatever, sounds cool – at least it’ll get me out of the house. Before I delve into the movie I am going to caution