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New Project! A PIECE OF YOUTH: Coming 2021

I'm excited to announce my latest book, A PIECE OF YOUTH, is tentatively scheduled for release in Spring of 2021.  This book is quite the deviation from my normal writing style and subject matter, but it's a project I've been tossing around for many years and feel I'm finally in the right "head space" to do justice to it. It is an autofiction, which combines the elements of autobiography with those of a novel to enable me to create a world very much based on reality and truths, but allows room for creativity and dramatization to develop a more compelling story. Yes, the book is inspired by my own experiences as a teenager coming of age in a rural southern town in the late '90s, and I even use my own name as the main character. I regularly wrote in journals from sixth grade through my high school graduation which I have kept all these years and drew heavily from when writing this book; however, I did utilize the "fiction" liberties of autofiction