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Start reading my new book NEW DAWN UNDERGROUND for FREE!

The COVID-19 quarantine has put the publishing of my latest book, NEW DAWN UNDERGROUND, on hold, so I have decided to start sharing chapters here on my blog to give my followers (all six of you - LOL) a jump on reading it for FREE! CIA analyst Elora Monro is devastated. Her Delta Force fiancĂ© was just killed during a failed raid on a terrorist compound in northern Iraq. Now, Elora is hellbent on tracking down the mastermind behind the Islamic militant group responsible for her fiancĂ©’s death — the New Dawn Underground. Posing as a Washington Post correspondent, Elora travels to the Middle East and embeds with the New Dawn militants under the guise of helping the group tell their side of the story to Western media. Driven by vengeance, Elora strives to gain enough intel while on the inside to destroy New Dawn from the inside out. Prepared to sacrifice her life to accomplish her mission, Elora is wholly unprepared for the enigmatic Zaidan Al-Sadiq, right-hand-man to the militant group’s