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Pompeii - I was Looking Forward to Everyone Dying So I Could Go Home

SPOILER ALERT: The volcano blows and everyone dies.  So the husband and I forked over $25 to see Pompeii tonight.  The first thing I'd like to do is address the masterminds in Hollywood behind this disaster.  (You like that? That was a pun. Oh I'm so punny! Moving on.)  "Dear makers of this movie, the next time you want to sink millions of dollars into a feature film like this, do yourselves a favor and put in a call to whomever it is that's cranking out shows like 'Spartacus', 'Vikings', 'Game of Thrones', etc... as all of these shows and many others are far superior to this movie on a multitude of levels."  In all fairness though, I probably stacked the deck against this movie from the get go as I had high hopes going in - I mean, come on, IT'S GOT JACK BOWER IN IT!! Of course, it also stars Kit Harrington from 'Game of Thrones' and costars one of the prominent characters from the great television series 'Mad Men